How to Improve Your Site Performance Using Redis Cache on WordPress

Redis and object caching can vastly speed up your WordPress page load times with each subsequent visit. It’s also used by many popular websites like GitHub, Pinterest, StackOverflow and many others.

If your WordPress site is static and all it needs to load are a stylesheet and some images, for example, you’re not going to see any difference in you use object caching.


Install Redis Object Cache Plugin

Log in to your WordPress site, go to WordPress Admin → Plugins → Add New. Search for “Redis Object Cache” and install the plugin.


Click Activate and you will be redirected to the main Plugins page. Verify that the Redis Object Cache plugin is active. Before Redis starts caching your site you have to connect the plugin to the server.

Now just go to WordPress Admin → Settings → Redis and click the Enable Object Cache button.


Activate and Verify That Redis Object Cache Is Working
This sometimes (but not always) will log you out. Just log back in, go back to the page and you will see that Redis is now connected.


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